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World of Tanks - Download Minimap HD modification with Laser sights and tank models

World of Tanks Mods

Extreme Advanced Minimap HD


Hello commanders ! Want to have a better minimap to help you in battle ? How that minimap can help you ? well i will tell you a single thing for start and that is tank model / name displayed on minimap ! is not cool ? i think it is, so if you want to download this great World of Tanks mod, just download it from here or from here and the follow instructions from bellow and you`re set.

How to install :

Well, we have created a special installer to install World of Tanks Mods !

Download it from above, then install it, then select the Extreme Minimap Mod and install it !

Finish ! you can play now with new extreme minimap hd with laser sights

Why to use our installer : (the minimap mod is NOT created by us, just installer)

No unzip then copy / paste

No need to manualy delete the mod, just run uninstaller

Important UPDATE ! This installer, will install the mod in 0.8.4 version and you need to move all files after install !! Learn how to make this mod compatible with latest version of  World of Tanks

Screenshot with our installer :

Youtube Gameplay with the Extreme Minimap Mods for World of Tanks

World of Tanks - Download Minimap HD modification with Laser sights and tank models

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Mods for World of Tanks video game !

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