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World of Tanks - Download new IS-3 Skin Mod

Video Game : World of Tanks


Sir Commander. A new very good looking skin mod for vehicle IS-3 from Russian Army is available for world of tanks and is compatible with version 0.8.5 too. This new skin mod is elegant and is quite easy to install with our installer and you can download it from here or from here . Both links are free of course.


First thing after download is to run it and begin instalation but when you need to browse where the game is installed, we give your a little help here. So luck at next video where this mod needs to be installed

Path to install is : World of Tanks\res_mods\0.8.X latest version

Now is you want to see new skin in action, just wath at bellow gameplay on youtube and if you like it, just download it and install from above links !

IS-3 New skin 2013 Video

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IS-3 Cool looking Skin for World of Tanks

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