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Wot Commands 2013 - Download MoD

Video Game : World of Tanks


Hello dear commanders and arty players. Sometimes you need more commands to adjust an battle ? is too hard for you to write what you need to tell to your teammates ? Then we suggest to use "wot commands 2013" mod and you can download it from here or from here.

How to use :

Download the mod file wot commands 2013 from above and install it !

Note !

Be careful at step 3 ! is need to locate your world of tanks folder , then res_mods folder then current version folder here is an example : 0.8.5

Some examples of commands are :

If you want more tanks to be present on left , right , north or south just use Numapad keys ( 8 is north. 2 is south, 4 is east and 6 is west )

Very useful commands for World of Tanks are :

CTRL + B = don`t block me

CTRL + F , CTRL + V and more

middle mouse butoon when aiming enemy have some cool commands too.

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Wot Commands 2013 - Download MoD

wot commands 2013

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