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Dead Island Riptide - AMD Radeon Tweaker and Better drivers for Download

Dead Island Riptide 2013

AMD Radeon Dead Island Riptide Tweaks


This guide is for AMD Radeon users / players only ! so if your card is nvidia or intel hd then this guide will be useless for you. To follow our guide step by step, you will need to download this amd radeon tweaker for free and install it, is free to use and is not officialy recognized by AMD but is a very good tweaker and help me a lot with video game Dead Island Riptide for sure !

Tested with AMD HD 7850 with settings to ULTRA and 1920x1080 resolution, and mouse movement lag has disapeared !

Also these tweaks are almost useless if you use a older catalyst driver ! So look for Latest version !

 AMD Latest Version Download 

Dead Island Riptide Tweak Guide - Follow these steps :

First step is to add Dead Island Riptide in this amd radeon tweaker ! So, first select add, then browse to where you have Dead Island Riptide installed on your computer, and look for "DeadIslandRiptide" executable (exe file) now just press Open

Now. let`s use some amd radeon tweaks ! Be sure that these options are selected ! 

1. Triple-Buffering (this is optional , try with triple buffering disabled and see your gameplay and then enable it to see the difference)

2. Dynamic Framerate Control - If you have a better amd radeon video card, you can set it to 40 FPS and the game will work great ! if not, lower to 30 FPS !

3. Disable Aero for free some memory and speed up your computer / laptop

4. Force Dead Island Riptide to run in High Priority

That`s it ! Now your game will run much better but you can also to try more setting to tune up your video card !

Dead Island Riptide performance improvements : boost Dead Island Riptide fps, gain more fps, amd tweak for Dead Island Riptide, amd radeon series better gameplay experience, more fps gained, more stable driver, more stable fps, no more fps dropping, avoid shuttering, flickering, best amd radeon driver, best graphics driver and more !

Dead Island Riptide AMD Radeon Tweaks - Guide and Download

Note ! If you found better settings with this great amd tweaker , use our comments !

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