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Nvidia GeForce Guide - How to force Dead Island Riptide to run better

Dead Island Riptide 2013

This is a guide that will teach you how to force the video game Dead Island Riptide to run better for your video card nvidia geforce or an notebook / laptop with a dedicated nvidia geforce video card !


First thing to do is to install latest video graphics driver ! Get IT 

But do not skip the cleaning before installing step ! is very important !

This Guide is totaly FREE and is safe for your video card to use because this is NOT overclocking !

Now let`s start our guide after you have already updated video driver

1. Download best nvidia geforce gaming tweak from here or here.

2. Run it and select continue to Nvidia Tweaker

3. Now start Nvidia GeForce All Games Tweak

4. Select Tools icon (see in example image)

5. Set Texture Quality to High Performance (see image for better understanding)

6. Now set Trilinear optimization to OFF

7. Set power management mode to : Maximum Performance

8. Now just Apply Changes from top right corner and it is done !

Optional ! You can turn off other settings as well but will affect your visual quality dramaticaly.

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Nvidia GeForce Guide - How to force Dead Island Riptide to run better

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