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Total War Rome II - AMD Catalyst 13.9 vs AMD Catalyst 13.10 Beta

Total War Rome II


Hi dear gamer. You want to see which driver is better ? AMD Graphics driver version 13.9 WHQL VS 13.10 Beta ? then look bellow for better FPS.

Total War Rome II Settings :

Video Card : AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB

Resolution : 1920x1080

General Settings : EXTREME

Advanced Options Anti-Aliasing - ON

Texture Quality - Ultra

Texture Filtering - Anisotropic 2X

Shadows - Extreme

Water - Extreme

Sky - Extreme

Shader Model - 5

Particle Effects - Extreme

Vegetation Alpha - off

Unit Size - Ultra

Building Details - Extreme

Unit Details - Extreme

Trees - Extreme

Grass - Extreme

Terrain - Extreme

Depth of Field - OFF

Total War Rome II - AMD Catalyst 13.9 vs AMD Catalyst 13.10 Beta

Now, let`s see which driver is better

13.9 Whql



13.10 Beta



So ? if you want to play video game Total War Rome II , then use driver 13.9 for sure.

VERY Important to READ !! if you want to update or to try new driver or old drivers, you need to know how to Install and uninstall correctly :

 How to uninstall Graphics driver 

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