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How to change or repair your Windows 7 Visual appearance - Guide

Windows 7 Visual Changer


Hello dear visitor. You installed a program that gave you the visual appearance of the ruined your computer or laptop? Or you changed something in the settings and do not know to make back as they were for now looks really ugly? Well then you know that there is a program that can solve this problem, but it's not free but you can try the trial version from here.

How ? Download application and install it then open it from desktop

Select Visual Customizer

Now you can select hidden themes, system icon changer, logon background changer, user picture and much much more options !

This software is so great ! too bad that is paid software !

Customize the look of your system software / app | how to modify you windows 7 aspect and oem information, change computer model with your name, your nickname, change laptop name with your name or nickname, change anything to windows 7

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How to change or repair your Windows 7 Visual aspects - Guide

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