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How to solve freezing windows loading boot

This guide is for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows XP

Hello. You have problems with windows ? Windows does not want to start after installation? or after you shut it down normally does not want to start and get stuck when almost time to open your desktop? Or does not want to start after you made a system restore from dvd / cd / usb driver or from other partition ? or after you install a video game or a program? Then you need to follow our guide, but first you need to download this application. (is free)


Step 1. Tools

After you have installed the application to solve this , open it and select : Tools - Startup - Windows

Now first step is to choose one program to remove it from start, and we choose for this example : IntelliPoint and then press Disable (you need to choose latest installed programs)

Step 2. Tasks

Now select Scheduled Tasks (3.1 from image) then select suspicious program (3.2 step from image) then Disable (step 4. from example)

Note. we choose Core Temp but is only a example but also can cause a system fail to start up normaly but look for more and prevent to boot with windows by Disable button.

Step 3. Final step and is decisive.

Context Menu is important so look and think carefully.

You see the image from below right ? Now a bunch of programs from list can cause a fail and can slow down windows and freezing ar start up.

Example: You just installed a program to remove duplicate from your music ? and after you install and use this program, you devicdoes not start corectly anymore ?

Then select it and disable it !

Or select more than one.

This is it ! Guide should solve your problems.

This guide is compatible with Notebooks or Netbooks like : Acer, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo, Msi, Samsung, Sony Vaio or Toshiba, and Windows Computer PC as well.

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How to solve freezing windows loading boot

This Guide helped you somehow ? tell us !

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