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How to update / flash bios for Asus motherboards - Video guide included

Update / Flash Bios for ASUS Motherboards

Hello dear visitor. You want to flash your bios with latest updated version ?

Why ? is you don`t have any problems / issues with your PC then why to update ? well sometimes a bios update is necesary and sometimes NO. But if you want to flash your bios. just follow our guide !


First. you need to have one USB Flash Disk and then you need to download latest updated version of bios from your manufacturer. in our care is ASUS.

Now download this best and safe archiver

Now create a new folder on your flash driver (usb stick) called BIOS

And create a folder called bios backup to backup your current bios

Ok, now restart your PC and pres ALT+F2

Now,  blue colored window will apear and you need to select your USB Stick first

A. Select early created folder with "bios backup" and press B to start backup.

Now press backspace to go back and select "BIOS" folder where new bios is located and press enter to start flashing bios , and then when is finished. a restart will be prompted and done.

Your bios is updated to latest version !

Important Note !

If you get this error "Current driver does not allow to be written !" then you need to select your USB Flash Drive first ! So, restart your PC / laptop and enter again to Bios rom utility by pressing ALT+F2 and select your USB and this error will not appear anymore.

Danger ! Danger ! Danger !

1. Be 110% sure that the bios is for your motherboard !!!

2. Bios flashing is a risky operation so think before !

3. Be sure that your PC is connected to an UPS power to avoid bios crashing so as not to interrupt electricity

Video recorded for our visitors with proper steps

Enjoy !

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How to update / flash bios for Asus motherboards - Video guide included

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