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World of Tanks - How to get 100 Gold for Free - Guide

World of Tanks

How to get 100 gold to your account almost instantly for Free


Hello Comanders ! Today i`ve found a way to get 100 gold in my account for free ! Uhh ? many players will say that isn`t worth the time or anything else but also more many player will consider this guide very useful because with 100 gold you can move your boosters to another tanks for couple time and this is very good ! Now, what is need to do to get gold amount ? Simple, just go to worldoftanks website and login to your account, then got to "Account Management" then go to "Add a Phone Number to Your Account" and add your phone number. Now log out and enter in game and you will see that you have 100 gold in your account !

Remember ! Our website have only Legal / Legit Content ! World of Tanks 100 gold is NOT  : trick, gold hack !

Good Luck Commanders !

World of Tanks - How to get 100 Gold for Free - Guide

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