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DELL Latitude E5440 - How to fix no sound audio problem

No sound fix for laptop model: DELL Latitude E5440


Heya. DELL Latitude E5440 sounds familiar ? is your laptop ? or is the doubthful ? then first thing to do is to download new / latest updated sound driver from here and then uninstall your current driver then install downloaded sound driver and restart your notebook.

How to install driver: Summary

1. Download new driver

2. Detect / Search for your sound card driver with this tool.

3. Uninstall your sound driver ! but use cleaner like in this guide

4. Install downloaded driver

5. Restart your DELL Latitude E5440 laptop and now sound system will work fine.


DELL Latitude E5440

DELL Latitude E5440 - How to fix no sound audio problem

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 Download More drivers 

Article added on : 2014-07-30 - Latest DELL Latitude E5440 drivers.

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