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Download new AMD Radeon driver version 12.3 Beta3 for Free

New driver version 13.2 BETA3 for AMD HD Radeon Graphics to improve quality and performance

Guide and Download for ATI AMD HD Radeon series

Latest BETA3 driver 13.2 released in 29 January 2013


How to get those improvements ? So, let`s that your notebook is quite slow in some pc video games right ? or maybe in HD Movies ? Then, what we suggest ? First step is to download and clean your laptop with this app, then download and install latest and stable AMD HD Radeon video card from here for 32 bits and for 64 bits.

Benefits of this new Video AMD HD Radeon are :

  • +15% more fps improvement for Crysis 3 beta
  • +50% more performance in video game DmC Devil May Cry 
  • Resolve Texture flickering seen in DX9 Games !

ATI AMD Radeon Driver version 13.2 BETA3 : No more flickering in World of Tanks, war thunder,  No flicker in T.E.S skyrim, No more stuttering in The Witcher 2 : Assassin`s of Kings, gain some fps for Assassin`s creed III, Hitman Absolution, Far Cry 3, Starcraft II and more games.

If you have errors like : signal out of range , no device detected, setup cannot continue, no video card detected and more problems, please use our guide

 Free Driver Cleaner 

Also we recommend to scan and clean your system of spyware malware etc. before install this driver with this great app for security and protection

 Download Malware Cleaner 

Driver is compatible with Windows 7 32 bits and 64 bits and Windows 8 32 bits and 64 bits

Enjoy and have a good day with new driver ready for download from above links

13.2 beta3 download

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Download ATI AMD Catalyst version 13.2 BETA3 released on 2013.01.29

Article created on date : 29 January 2013 recommend to download , un-install your old driver, clean your old driver,  install new one and use driver AMD Radeon 12.3 Beta3 !

This driver is for AMD Radeon cards from series : HD 5000, HD 6000 and HD 7000 Only !

Enjoy and share our website !

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