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World of Tanks - Sixth Sense Mod Donkey Detected

World of Tanks

Sixth SENSE Mod with Audio effect


Hello Commanders ! You want to have this very nice sixth sense mod with audio effect and also with a smail donkey when a enemy will see you ? Then you need to download world of tanks mod tool from here or here and then select what you need and install it or follow this guide :

How to install Sixth Sense Donkey Mod

Very important to do first ! You need to copy your "Audio" folder from World of Tanks\res to World of Tanks\res_mods\0.8.X

Here is a guide :

1. Install downloaded program and then run it from desktop if the program don`t run automaticaly

2. Now select "Continue" and then select "Install Sixth Sense"

3. Now be careful and select your World of Tanks folder and install.

This step is quite important

Next, and Done.

Sixth Sense mod when a donkey detects your tank !

Important UPDATE ! This installer, will install the mod in 0.8.4 version and you need to move all files after install !! Learn how to make this mod compatible with latest version of  World of Tanks

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World of Tanks - Sixth Sense Mod Donkey Detected

How Donkey Sense it is ? watch gameplay :

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