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Download wireless driver for Asus X402CA and X402CA-WX002D

Download Wireless / Wlan / Wi-fi driver for Asus X402CA-WX002D


Hello. Your wireless connection is slow ? or windows cannot find any wireless in your area ? If you have problems with your wireless antenna then we can help you because you can download newest driver with all fixes included from here. The new driver is more stable and have more performance.

Be sure that your router is ON and have some green leds blinking

Be sure that your wireless antenna is ON (look at your laptop keyboard for wireless icon and if is tuned off then enable it.

If the icon with wireless is on keys like : F`s then to turn on your wireless connection is need to free Fn key and F-wirelesss key both at the same time.

This driver can to help you with :

This driver cannot improve of your wireless range

This wireless driver can help you with :

When you connection is not stable, only 15 min working, internet connection is closing, wireless restarts and close connection, wireless connection is weak, cannot find any networks in area

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Download wireless wlan wifi driver for Asus X402CA-WX002D

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